Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can A N**** Borrow A French Fry?

So we have gone into the deadzone (thank you jesse and Drew) and are in the process of bustin out some new tunes. They are coming out sweet and recording them really soon for a Split.

We have a few shows coming up! and A Weekend With our Boys in Black Coffee "Black Kids Weekend" at the end of May. We will be returning to Mass and Conn. And hitting up some new spots!

2morrow we are playing With Dirty Tactics At The Barbry In Philly! This will be our last Philly show for a bit.

Monday may 16th We will playing the SAS in bethlehem with Coliseum & Gods and Queen.

Drew is going on a sweet ass tour with Colony and Naptakers and Billy Is going on Tour With Captain Were Sinking For a Few Weeks So this summer will be fewer shows and more down time to save and write for our next Kids Album/ep?

Eat Chinese. Kill Cops. Say It With Ya Chest.

- Fairgame.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sorry we missed ya..

So funny thing.. another show at Brooklyn's Party Expo was dismissed after one, and then another band jumped off. But we came off the sinking ship with flying colors. Drew made a phone call and we swam over to Club Europa to play with Bomb The Music Industry!, Bridge and Tunnel and Tiger's Jaw. So the death of a potentially great show was the birth of a really fuckin good show. And cheers to Bill's terrific family for the beers and pizza in Staten Island!

Two days later, in place far, far off.. we play in Wilkes-Barre. Twas Drew's first show with NapTakers and they killed it, as did everyone else. Mountain Man was especially amazing to see. Hopefully more show with them and their extremely loud equipment! We had the four twenty show.. don't remember too much of it, but i know we played it. I did another set with Midwives, a new jawn I'm playing guitar and bass with. Black Coffee is something to watch out for. Seriously.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Goodbye Mitch..

Thanks for housing us in CT.
Thanks for cooking us an incredible vegan breakfast.
Thanks for being such a rad human being.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kidnappers Tour Day 2 "OH YOU THINK YOURE FUN?!"

Day 2: Allston Mass. The Wacky Castle

We woke up in conn to the most delicious vegan breakfast and a cat that had Benjamin Button syndrome(the cat every once in awhile turns into brad pitt). We loaded up and out and stopped at this rad coffee shop. We then proceeded to take turns spitting on ross of snowing calling him a bitch and left for allston. On this Road trip we got down on more Trapped in The Closet. Squid brought to our attentions that not only does he love R. Kelly, but he also hated him mainly because he cant read. Fucked up right? We go to allston with more time to kill than Stephen Benford (dont ask). We met the amazing Mike Van Buren and his other roommates who run wacky castle. Mike is a rad guy and we loved him! He's in The Saddest Landscape! They helped us get some awesome Vegan Pizza and showed us the best in hospitality! Also Nate from Choke up gave us directions to his house and got me rickey and squid filled with sudsy goodness and introduced us to his awesome roommates. We drank heavily, bought some road sodas and headed back to the castle. We stormed the bay doors and laid waste to the peasants and the land. We pillaged and burned everything. Ross had a battle axe and chopped some dudes head off. Ross is a bad person. He even voted for Nader.....i mean come on....really? Single Female Lawyer played and it was sweet tits! Naptakers took the floor and killed it once again for the second night in a row! They must practice i guess.
this is what it looked like

by the time we were up i wanted to puke and kill people. Im too fat. I hate Squid. He stole my bowl of pasta!
if you wanna see what it looked like go to this link: 

If you havent yet go listen to Choke up! They Stole the show! they are the nicest and raddest dudes you can ever know!

Shows over and enter party mode: Squid said alot of mean things. He started boxing the support beam in the basement (someone had too many brews). We took a tour photo. Were so tough. Squid Did Edgar impressions till we died. K-lambo took so sick pics of the show Kids  Naptakers Choke Up!

Things i remembered:
-Blunts are fun
-Squid is a fuck but a good guy....but a fuck none the less
-Drew is the man
-Sara is trained in several forms of Ti Kwan Chode
-MIB and Dead Fall are very much important too us!
-Bear Clearly Believes in magic.
-Rickey is the most Thugged out dude we know
-Ill never do Ecstasy 
-Squid is Always Ready
-Sean hates everyone.

"I no longer know who I am and I feel like the ghost of a total stranger." 
- The Rules Of Attraction

Monday, February 28, 2011

Kidnappers Tour "WHATS ON MENU...EVERYTHING!!!"

Day 1: New Haven Conn.

got to squids and loaded up le van. and started our 3 hour drive to conn. We jammed to some lovely R.kelly for a large portion of it. Squid is a bad person. Rickey hooked it up though with some bangin ass vegan spanish rice (BLAQUEJE is the correct pronunciation) and Pasta salad. Oddly enough it lasted us two days and with as many chunks in this band, we were shocked. Sean is good at making Cannoli's. We get to the awesome ass house and meet up with our touring counterparts Naptakers. They are so hott right now. Sadly on the way to the show we are informed that Vaccine will not be playing due to the one members basement flooding and almost ruining all his recording equipment. The Cookie Jar is an awesome house owned by a few rad ass dudes and ladies! Mitch Doobie (no relations to the brothers) fed us lovely vegan dinner before we loaded up in his basement. Our set went good and then naptakers hit up after us. They killed it so hard. I wasnt down stairs before they played the first song but they shook the fucking house. It ruled so hard. SOFX was amazing! they had members of another band from the area (the world is a beautiful place and i am no longer afraid to die) and killed it so hard. After the show we snacked some more. Ross Speared someone in mid air and killed them. this put a downer on the show. Me and rickey chopped up the body while sara made the necessary phone calls to create alibis and all is well now.....was i supposed to mention that? bet not!

things i remembered:
-New Haven is full of Cops
-Leroy Owns the Cookie Jars Basement
-Vegan Pancakes Rule
-Fuck School